Dear Jamie.  

I will always be grateful to you and the team at CO2 Inflatables for the personalized support and advice provided before and after delivery of a great boat, motor and trailer.  

My recent purchase of a Highfield 590DL RIB/115hp Yamaha with trailer is a big deal for me at retirement- a key moment in my life.  Satisfaction at any time with such a major purchase of course brings new responsibilities for a new boat owner like me.  Fortunately I was already familiar with Highfield and Yamaha and I expected nothing less than flawless performance of the boat and engine  (I was not disappointed).  Even so, I really appreciated the teams’ advice and support when I needed it most; for my own purchase and to help customize the boat so that I could use it to support on the water management of sailing regattas.  You are all great ambassadors at CO2 for the brands you represent.  After the end of my 40 year business career I am happy to acknowledge a team that models best customer relations business practices and I appreciated receiving great service and support. 

Thanks again!
Dave McNabb

I just wanted to thank you for all you have done on my new boat. The custom fabrication work you did is phenomenal . The rigging is fantastic and I know we put a ton of options on this boat . The electronics , the oversize top , the extra storage , and the 2 locations for the boarding ladder all work exceptional! 

This is my second boat from you in the last 5 years and I can’t believe how easy you have made getting the boat across the border ! I thought the first one was easy , you have definitely made this so smooth and easy !  

The new boat is fantastic . You were so right on the performance and the ride ! Please use me as a reference to any future customer on the quality of the boats and the extremely high level of customer service that both you and your dealership give the customer !!  Thanks so much.

Mike Basil 

Hi Jamie, 
I wanted to write to thank you for the wonderful service CO2 provided re the purchase of my new Highfield 20 foot inflatable with 115HP Yamaha….

Your staff / team starting with Vince provided me with exceptional guidance as we selected boat accessories and several times they invited me to come to the shop as they were assembling the boat to “fit” the seat and gauges to my liking…

The delivery and launch was “on time and everything worked as represented…

The Highfield has “exceeded” my expectations and the 115 HP Yamaha engine is amazingly  quiet and a perfect match. The boat is beautifully balanced and the aluminium hull allows for very easy performance  and terrific fuel economy…I won’t return to a fibreglass hull based on my experience with the aluminum Highfield…

As you know I have purchased numerous boats (ten at last count)  from your company and recommended many friends  to do so as well because of your “deep” product knowledge and great service…

All the best.
Chris Rich

Thank you Tim, your Boss should be proud!

We are closing the boat and are very busy but we wanted to take the time to give a testimonial on your website. We were shopping around in Midland for a new 9-10 foot dingy, 9.9 4 stroke motor and a trailer.

The most knowledgeable person was Tim from CO2 Inflatables. He was all by himself as the boss was at a convention. He was courteous, kind, had a sense of humour, quick and thorough.

He educated us on dinghies and helped us pick out the right one for our needs. He answered all my many questions and had everything hooked up and ready for us when we came back the next day, with the plate for the trailer.

He went over the care for the dinghy, how to work the motor and the ins and outs of the trailer. Not only did we get the best quality deal but also came with a charming smile and patience.

Jim and Rose Schenk

Customer Delivery

 I spoke with Vince earlier today and thanked him again. Simply put the boat is probably one of the best boats I’ve ever owned! I have no regrets it is simply amazing. It is the Bentley of boats…. and anyone who’s seen it so far comments very positively about its appearance. I simply can’t say enough about the NZO.

Benn Spiegel

Hamilton Port Authority

Hello Jamie and Vince.
I want to thank you guys for an excellent job on the Zodiac. Cam did a really good job with the vessel and looking at the wiring inside the console only confirmed that. Nice and neat. We do appreciate everything you guys did including the little things that make the overall appearance and functions as professional and practical as expected. Take care and have a great weekend and talk soon. Thanks again.

Hamilton Port Authority

Hello Vince,
My wife and I had the new Zodiac out into the St. Lawrence Seaway on the American side yesterday afternoon. Our cottage is on the Canadian side just north of this spot and west of Cornwall. However, we need to use a boat to see any ships as our view is blocked by all the islands.

That’s the Eisenhower lock in the background about to accept a ship. You’ll notice the depth gauge reads 37 feet… Seaway is dredged to minimum of 30. This Zodiac/Yamaha combo is so smooth… we really like it.

Thanks Richard

My boating needs have changed over the years, and as such, I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with C02 Inflatables for three boat purchases. They’ve been great to deal with on the up front purchase and boat configuration and customization, and their after sales service has been fantastic.

David J. WhiteReal
Capital Partners